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We are…Process Driven & Results Oriented

  • Experience is key to a successful application

    • A mistake in documentation or a missed deadline can result in a rejected application.

    • A rejection can be very difficult to overcome.

  • Legal Compliance must be taken seriously

    • There are serious consequences if a resident fails to meet his reportorial obligations

    • Navigating the rules and processes of a new country can be complicated, not to mention stressful.

In the Philippines

Briefing and legal consultation of visa application process

Assessment of applicant. We provide our clients with checklist of documentary requirements based on applicant’s profile

Advisory on how to obtain mandatory documents (NBI Clearance, PSA Certificates, etc.). Coordinate with Government entities

Validation of documentary requirements.

Assistance in securing apostille (documentary notarisation recognized by the Spanish Government)

Assistance in accomplishing the visa application (done from Spain)

Legal validation of documents and Visa application form (done from Spain)

Visa interview coaching (done from Spain via zoom)

Visa interview 

In Spain


Assistance in accomplishing the visa application form coordination with PH

Securing appointments for NIE (Foreign national identity), Padrón (proof or residency), TIE (foreign card)

Provide checklist of documentary requirements for NIE, Padrón and TIE

Coaching for face to face appointments for NIE, Padrón and TIE

Accompany client to Government appointments

Assistance in opening bank account including AML Compliance

Assistance in securing property title under investor´s name

Visa application monitoring and handling issues until final approval

Other processes

Due Diligence on properties and investments

Applying for utilities​ (water, power, internet, etc..)

Spanish Legal documents such and Notarization

Power of Attorney

Translation Services

Property Management

Drivers license

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A dedicated team of experts

Your business will have a dedicated L&L team led by an experienced Manager and supported by a team of subject-matter experts.

We are client focused. We value our relationships and understand the importance of trust, confidence, professionalism and clear communication in everything we do.

Our team is responsive and proactive and at all times working towards the ultimate goal of ensuring our clients applications success.


"For our investment in Madrid and our exploration of citizenship we trusted in L&L. We are happy that Luis is on top of the support and we can rely on L&L for all our needs in Spain"

Teresita Yujuico 

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