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Questions about about Legal and Logistics?

How is the visa application process? What are our fees? How do I start the process? All you need to know about Legal and Logistcs

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will L&L assist me in filling out the visa application form? How?
    Yes. L&L-RSM guide you in filling up the visa application form then it will be sent to our legal office in Spain for final validsation.
  • How will I know what documents to prepare for the visa application?
    Yes. L&L-RSM will brief you on the entire visa application process and guide you every step of the way. We will also provide you with a checklist of documents for you to compile.
  • Can L&L-RSM assist me in obtaining an NBI Clearance? Apostille Notarization? Certificates from the Philippine Statistics Office?
    Yes. We provide guidance, free of charge. We can also facilitate the processing, but with a separate charge.
  • How do I apply for a visa interview in the Spanish consulate?
    You will have to apply for an appointment with BLS Visa Application Center, a private contractor of the Spanish Consulate.
  • Can L&L-RSM assist me in securing a visa interview in the Spanish consulate?
    Yes. But since BLS is the private contractor of the Spanish Consulate, we have no power to dictate the time and date of your appointment. It is granted on a first come first served basis.
  • How long does is the waiting time for an interview in the Spanish consulate?
    Between 30 to 60 days.
  • Will L&L-RSM prepare me for the interview?
    Yes. It will done in conjunction with our legal office in Spain through a zoom conference.
  • If I am granted a golden visa, are my family members eligible?
    Yes, close family members like spouses and children under 18 are included under the Golden Visa once obtained.
  • Can my wife and children apply for the golden visa?
    Golden Visas are granted to the person that is making the investment, nevertheless, spouses and children obtain a special residence permission that s given to family members of those who get the Golden Visa.
  • What are my legal obligations (permits& registrations)upon landing in Spain?
    Some other procedures needed include the “Padrón” or residence proof, TIE, bank account opening, tax filing, among others.
  • What is the process of acquiring a padrón (residency certificate) and what documents must I prepare?
    The residency certificate will have a form and some documentation to justify your residency in Spain. Either with a long term rental or with purchase contract we can apply. L&L will assist during the process.
  • Can L&L assist me in securing my pardon? If so, how?
    Yes, definitely! In L&L we have done hundreds of residency applications (Padrón). We will provide all the requirements and fill them for your signing. We just need a contract for long term rental or ownership to justify your residency.
  • What is the process of securing my Número de Identidad Extranjero (Fiscal Identification Card) and what documents must I prepare?
    From L&L we will be assisting you through all the process of getting your foreign ID needed to apply for all the Visas. We will gather all the documentation and fill them out for your signing. We will walk you through all steps, ask for the appointment, prepare and walk you to the venue.
  • Can L&L assist me in securing my Numero de Identidad Extranjero? If so, how?
    Of course! From L&L we will provide all the requirements and fill them for your signing. We will just need to justify to the authorities the need for that NIE. If its for application of a Golden Visa, Residency, etc..
  • What is the process of securing my Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero (residency card) and what document must I prepare?
    Similiar to getting the NIE, from L&L we will prepare everything and accompany you to the venue for the bio metrics and rest of process.
  • Can L&L assist me in securing my Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero? If so, how?
    Yes! Once we have the NIE, we will be in position to have the bio metrics done and apply for the TIE (Tarjeta Identidad Extranjero). It will take few months for the card to be released. L&L will go with you through all the process.
  • What is the process to open my bank account? What documents are required?
    We have partnerships with the major banks in Spain. We will assist you through all the process, gather the documentation, coordination with the Bank, etc. To open the bank account you will need to physically be in Spain to make your account active. You may need as documentation: - Proof of income (ITR, payslips, etc) - Proof of residency (Bills, statements, etc) - Passport Upon submission, the bank will start an AML process to verify the source of the money.
  • What are my annual tax and immigration obligations?
    If you do not live in Spain for more than 6 months per year then you will not be subject to income tax, so the only taxes you will have to pay will be the ones linked to the property, for example, 24% of the profit on the rean of the property.
  • Can L&L-RSM assist me in filing my income taxes, property taxes and residency renewals? If so, to what extent?
    Sure! we are here for you, we can take care of the taxes and the renewal of your permit to all the extents.
  • When will me and my family be eligible for citizenship?
    You will be eligible to apply for the Spanish Citizenship after 10 years of living in Spain or after 2 years if you are a national from any Latin American country, Brazil and Philippines.
  • Do we have to be physically in Spain to qualify for citizenship?
    In order to qualify for citizenship, it is required for you to establish residence in Spain for the amount of time required, 10 or 2 years, depending on your nationality.
  • In what other ways can L&L assist me?
    We can help you in mays. We offer translation services; legal compliance; legal services; and property management.
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