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Making the journey to obtain residency as stress-free as possible

Legal and Logistics Spain and RSM Law offers the most comprehensive Immigration, Visa and Administrative Services in Spain.

  • Our clients are supported by a dedicated legal and logistics team

  • We customize our solutions to the specific needs of our clients

  • We assure 100% transparency across all immigration-related activities

  • We aim for a stress-free experience throughout the immigration and legal compliance process

  • Our track record speaks for itself with 99% success rate in applications


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help our clients  achieve their immigration goals by providing the highest level of professionalism in our services.  We seek the easiest path and provide the best solutions in every case.    

We believe in customizing our solutions since immigration cases are never a  “one size fits all” situation.

Our team of professionals are  based in Spain and  the Philippines.  

Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize the immigration processes by making it as simple and stress-free as possible 


The Founder

Luis Perez de Miguel is the founder of Legal & Logistics, Spain (L&L).

He lived and worked in the Philippines for six years before moving back to his hometown in Madrid in 2016. 

Luis quickly realized that immigrating to Spain was challenging affair, even for a Spaniard. What more for a foreigner with limited fluency in the Spanish language.

There is a mountain of legal requirements to settle, not to mention the tedious process of looking for a home, furnishing it, applying for drivers license, bank account, a post-paid phone, internet service, etc.  It is not easy. It was then that Luis realized the need of a legal and logistics company to help newly landed residents establish themselves in Spain. This was when L&L was born. The company’s services expanded to visa processing thereafter.


L&L takes pride in guiding its clients through every step of the visa application process while still in their native country.  After landing in Spain, L&L “holds their client’s hand” as they navigate through the legal compliance process and settling down. The company’s goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible.

In just a few years, L&L became the most trusted service provider in immigration, legal compliance and logistics.

The Company

Our goal in L&L is to make your landing and integration to Spanish life as painless and as easy as possible.  

From the Philippines with all the requirements, NBI, Notarization and Apostille, Consulate documentation to Spain with all the legal requirements (Padron, TIE, etc.), opening a bank account, legalities of buying/leasing a house, etc.. We walk you through and hold your hand through all the steps to make this process as smooth as possible.


We want our clients to consider L&L as their “right hand” in Spain.  We are happy to help.

Luis Perez de Miguel

Legal & Logistics, Spain

L&L is a Team of



Teams led by Expert Managers with experience in different Legal and Immigration fields



Our teams are proactive and responsive. Send a query. Receive an answer. Move forward.


We work with you towards the same objective. We are your more reliable partner


"For our investment in Madrid and our exploration of citizenship we trusted in L&L. We are happy that Luis is on top of the support and we can rely on L&L for all our needs in Spain"

Teresita Yujuico 

Our Offices

Madrid Branch

Contact Person: 

Luis Perez de Miguel 

Legal and Logistcs Co-Founder

Contact Number: 

+34 666 40 11 21


Calle Pintor Ribera 14, 1c.

28016, Madrid

Manila Branch

Contact Person: 


Legal and Logistcs Manager

Contact Number: 


26 Big Horseshoe Drive,

Quezon City, Manila

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