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Your consultant in Spain

It is never easy to establish yourself in a new country. We understand the needs of our clients and offer an extensive range of consulting and advisory services to make the journey easier.  We especially understand the needs and considerations of the Filipino community

Our suite of consulting services


General Consulting

  • Guidance towards legal compliance

  • Arrangements and coordination with governmental offices

  • In-depth assessment of immigration,  legal, financial and personal

  • Provide solutions for your unique situation


Tax Advisory

  • Filing of annual income tax returns and other mandatory tax obligations

  • Provide optimum tax options

  • Provide tax analysis of implications


Day to day live in Spain.

  • Securing a home

  • Applying for utilities (internet, water, power, etc.)

  • Applying for a drivers license

  • Purchasing a car

  • Compliance with local permits

  • Schools and university recommendation

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