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VISA and Legal

Legal and Logistics is the leading Immigration and Visa provider for Filipinos seeking residencies in Spain

Our years of experience and success rate of 99% in visa processing makes us the leading service provider of Visas for Filipinos.

We offer end to end solutions.

We guide our clients from the point of visa application in the country of origin all the way to legal compliance after landing in Spain.

Our clients include individuals, families and companies from various countries, expatriate corporate professionals and foreign diplomats.

What is the Non-Lucrative VISA?

As its name suggests, this visa is without a lucrative purpose. In other words, its holders are not allowed to work in Spain nor be eligible to hold investments.


There is no investment requirement for those who apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa. However, the applicant must be able to show financial means to l support themselves for at least one year. This visa is ideal for those who wish to retire in Spain.

Non-Lucrative Visa characteristics:

  • Not eligible for work

  • Visa is granted for 1 year renewable yearly

  • The visa holder must reside in Spain for at least 6 months in a year..

  • With this visa you can travel and free entry in European Union while the visa is valid.

What is the Golden VISA program?

This is the “strongest” visa and the easiest path to citizenship. The Golden Visa requires a financial investment.  It allows its holder to live, work and make investments in Spain and the EU, plus free access to travel around Europe for 3 years, renewable for 5 years. 

Golden Visa characteristics:

  • Investment - Either 500,000 euros in real estate, 1,000,000 euros in stock market in Spain or 2,000,000 euros in bonds in Spain

  • The Golden Visa is the fastest path to Spanish citizenship.  Filipino holders of this visa are eligible  to apply for Spanish citizenship after 2 years of residency (it is 10 years for non-Filipinos and non-ex-colony citizens).

  • Golden Visas have a validity for 3 years, renewable to 5.

  • Golden Visa allows you to enter as many times as you want to Spain and European countries

  • Golden Visa holders are not obliged to live in Spain for a period of time. However, they must land in Spain at least once a year.

  • To renew the golden visa, you need to keep the asset that granted the same, and at least enter in Spain once a year

Benefits of Golden VISA

Residency & Work Permit

Investors automatically become residents and can work in Spain.



The Golden Visa includes the main investors’ Spouse and Children under 18 Years.



This residence permit allows freedom of travel throughout EU Schengen Zone.


Permanent Residency & Citizenship

Filipinos have the option to be citizens and obtain nationality if they complete 2 years of residency.


Convenience & Streamlined Process

Shorter process, usually takes only 2-3 months. Not necessary for the applicant to physically do it in Spain


No Residence Requirement

Residence renewal only demands you to be in Spain once on the first 3 years. You don’t need to live in Spain unless you want nationality.


No Frills

No language exams &  no interviews.

Other Visas and inmigration

Students Visa: This is a special visa for foreigners that are enrolled in a study program. The stay in Spain while holding this visa does not count as residency. It has a defined length during your studies.


Tourist Visa: This visa is only good for travel purposes and usually good for for 90 days. The tourist visa holder will have to apply in the consulate, show and itinerary and financial means for travel.

Nomadic: This visa is for nomads or digital workers with employment abroad but residing in Spain.

Family reunion: This visa is for those who have family members living in Spain

Spanish Heritage (“ley de nietos”): This visa is for those whose grandparents were born in Spain, you have a chance to apply for a citizenship

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