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Legal and Logistics Spain

In L & L Spain we want to be your partner and close advisor in your initial steps of your new adventure in Spain


VISA Applications, General Consulting, Legal, Logistics and Real State advice are part of the services L & L can offer.


We want to make your landing and adaptation to Spain as easy as possible to start enjoying asap!


Our Services

VISA and Legal


All kinds of Spanish Visa applications including residency

Administrative and Compliance


Bank account opening, Drivers license, Utilities, Internet and Mobile

Real State

Real State advice of best places to buy in Spain and Portugal



Consulting of all legal, finance, tax, real state procedures, translations, forms.



Long term lease and short term vacation

Áreas De Practica

Our Vision

After six  years living in the Philippines, I  came back to my  hometown in Madrid in 2017.

Even as a Spanish citizen,  it  was a challenge for me to settle  back to Spain.  There were a mountain of legal requirement that needed to  be settled,  not to mention the tedious process of looking for a  home/apartment and furnishing it.   It was not easy.   I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a foreigner, let alone someone who is not fluent in Spanish.


In  the last few  years, I helped many of my  Filipino friends settle to life in Spain. Slowly but surely,   I became an expert in legal and logistics services for  new immigrants and/or long term visitors.   This is how LLS was born.


Our goal  in LLS  is to make your landing and integration to Spanish life as painless and as easy as possible.   We walk you through  and hold your  hand  through all the steps – from  settling your legal requirements (Padron, TIE, etc.) to opening a bank account,    to the legalities of buying/leasing a  house and car and even refurnishing your home with  your own furniture (furniture assembly can be a headache!). We even arrange tours  to the many beautiful cities around Spain.


Consider LLS  as your support system and “right hand” in Spain.  We are happy to help.


                                                                                                Luis Perez de Miguel

                                                                                                Legal & Logistics, Spain

Nuestra Vision

L & L Spain
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